Who we are

The Studio Associato di Consulenza Tributaria e Societaria del Lavoro was founded at the end on the 1980s by Senior Partner Franco Rescia, who previously worked with Pirola Pennuto Zei and Associates in Milan, Italy. Initially the firm opened only in Binasco because most of its clients were from Milan.
Senior Partner Andrea Ghiazzi joined our Binasco branch shortly afterwards. When Senior Partner Silvia Padovani joined the firm, we opened a branch in Pavia, which initially focused on clients’ accounting and bookkeeping, payrolls, human resources, and trustee in bankruptcy for the local Courts.
In the past twenty years, the firm has acquired substantial experience in all routine matters pertaining the managing and administration of most businesses. The firm specializes in tax litigation, in international tax planning. We rely upon many trusted experts working in and outside of Europe, and we focus on issues pertaining EU and non-EU sales.
Within the corporate and company fields, the firm has cooperated with several legal firms to address issues pertaining shareholders protection, business turnovers, contested accounts and contract stipulations. We have managed mergers, de-mergers, dissolutions, business branch leases as well as business wind ups.
The three Senior Partners and a few selected associates are Registered Auditors with the Italian Justice Ministry. Our offices routinely manages our clients’ accounting and bookkeeping, and counsels clients who manage their own accounting. Additionally we manage and provide assistance with our clients’ payrolls, and all human resources related matters.
We have significant experience in managing business crisis through private settlements with creditors, as well as in the pre-bankruptcy stage when insolvency is inevitable. Our work focuses on protecting the business owner, and the business’ partners.
Lastly, as Technical Consultants for the Court, the Senior Partners may be appointed by a judge, or work as public consultants. As such, we work as trustees and judicial liquidators in bankruptcies, as well as bankruptcy trustees for the sale of real estate.